Document Gathering

1 number
  • Personal / Family  documents
  • Company Formation
  • Bank account opening
1 week 2

Application Filling

2 number
  • First Panamá visit 7 days
  • Get: Medical certificate
  • Provisional card
  • Multiple exit visa
3 months 2

2 year Residency Card

3 number
  • Second visit 3 days
  • Get: 2 year residency card

2 years 2

Permanent Card filing request.

4 number
  • Third visit to Panama 7 days


  • Processing card
  • Multiple Visa
3 months 2

Permanent Residency Card

5 number
  • Fourth visit three days


  • Permanent Residency Card

The following countries are included on the Panama Friendly nations Visa Program:

Main Requirements

Each Applicant

  • Criminal history background check (police record) apostilled
  • Passport and second I.D.
  • Five (5) passport size photos

Spouse Children

  • marriage certificate apostilled
  • Child: birth certificate apostilled / Custody letter of minor if divorced. apostilled
  • Child > 18 years: non married certification apostilled


  • The least expensive and easiest to obtain of the “desirable” programs.
  • Applicants are able to work, invest or retire.
  • Allegible to apply for citizenship after 5 years.
  • Visit once every two years is the minimum stay requirement to retain your residence.
  • No minimum income requirement.
  • Territorial tax system. Only income and capital gains obtained in Panama are taxed, not from overseas.

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Services Included:

+ Airport pick up and drop off
+ Transport to Immigration department
+ Notarization and translation up to 10 pages
+ Panama New Company (2 nominee directors)
+ Medical Certificate assistance
+ Expedite service in Permanent card processing time!!!
+ Bank account assistance
+ Processing temporary card
+ Permanent residence card
+ ID Card

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